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Volunteering at Tiger Temple Thailand

Volunteering at Tiger Temple Thailand 


 Volunteers at Tiger Temple are involved in the day-to-day care of the animals. The jobs are, for example, preparing food; cleaning around Tiger Island area; helping tourists; and in the near future helping to build new enclosures. We do not offer any opportunities for scientific experiment or research. Our projects are best suited to people with a genuine interest in tigers and Buddhism. The work is not easy and involves early morning starts and long afternoons in intense heat. Volunteering at Tiger Temple should not be viewed as an exotic holiday experience but rather as hard work for a good cause.


Volunteer Involvement at Tiger Temple

Volunteers work a six-day week starting at 7am and finishing around 4.30-5pm with a few free hours late in the morning. At 7am the day starts with preparing milk bottles, cleaning the cubs, if necessary, and walking them to the Sala, followed by breakfast at the temple.

 After breakfast the volunteers will walk the cubs back from Sala to Tiger Island if needed, all depending on whether the staff and morning guests are walking or not. Once back in Tiger Island the jobs in the morning start. The jobs are, such as, deboning chicken for the smaller cubs, emptying bins, cleaning cages, and cleaning around tiger Island area, after this, it is an enrichment time. Volunteer have lunch break from around 11 am -12pm.

At 12pm all volunteers meets at the little Tiger Fall where the staff will bring out the tigers before they are walked to the canyon. This is where the duties with the tourists start. The main duties in the afternoon are to make sure that the tourists are keeping their distance to the Tigers and are not putting themselves in danger, answering questions, selling the cub experience and\or evening exercise.

 During the afternoon you will be placed in different duties such as the canyon where you assist visitors with crowd control in the canyon; the waterfall where you will be selling Cub Feeding Program; the baby cage where you will look after guests who join the Cub Feeding Program or odd job where you will. From 1pm to 3.30pm the tigers stay in the canyon and at approximately 3.30pm the tigers are taken back.



  Other work may include assisting a vet treating an injured animal, data collection, creating signs and some administration work.

Conditions for Participation:

Because of the dangerous nature of the job it is necessary to make some conditions for participation:

  • You must be in good physical condition, be able to work long days and be able to tolerate heat
  • You must have some previous animal handling experience or studies in a relevant field (i.e. biology, wildlife conservation, animal behavior etc.)
  • Good oral communication skills in English are essential
  • You must be comfortable dealing with large groups of people
  • You must be aged between 18 and 50 years old
  • You must be available for at least one month
  • You must be able to take initiative and work without assistance
  • You must have personal travel insurance. The details of the insurance policy must be submitted to the webmaster prior to your arrival at the temple.
  • It is strongly recommended that you have all relevant vaccinations for Rabies, Tetanus Toxoid, Hepatitis A & B, Tuberculosis (TB), and Japanese Encephalitis before entering the volunteering program.

Time required:

Minimum 1 month - maximum 6 months


There are no costs involved in volunteering at tiger temple. Food and basic accommodation are provided. Volunteers should estimate their own budgets for any personal hygiene items, snacks or soft drinks and travel expenses.

Buddhist lifestyle:

Life in a Buddhist monastery dictates the basic rules called the six moral precepts that volunteers must adhere to. These precepts are:

1. do not kill
2. do not steal
3. do not sexual misconduct
4. do not tell lies
5. do not intoxicate causing heedlessness
6. do not sleep on a luxurious bed

The additional two precepts are for people inspired to dedicate themselves to meditation practice during their stay in the monastery. These additions precepts are:

7. Do not eat the untimely food i.e. from noon to dawn of the next day. (The example of food (pana) allowed to have after 12.00 am. are the food in kind of medicine i.e. black chocolate, herb i.e. lemon-grass, aloe, ginger, chili, salt, sugar; juice, products reformed after milk i.e. cheese, yogurt, dry-fruits: prune, Logan)
8. Do not dance, sing, play & watch unseemly shows; and do not wear jewelry, or use perfume.

However, the most important rule is to keep in mind that this place is a temple and any romantic involvement with fellow volunteers or tourists visiting the temple is strictly prohibited.

Volunteers are expected to attend daily meditation sessions at the temple (in the evening) apart from their day off. This is a unique and peaceful experience that will give you a fuller appreciation of the Buddhist philosophy.

Alcohol is not allowed in the temple ground.

The Monastery reserves the right to terminate the agreement without prior notice with any volunteer displaying improper behavior.


Men and women are housed separately within the monastery. Both men and women are provided with simple rooms that include electricity and western style bathroom and shower facilities.

What to bring :

  • Torch
  • A set of white clothes (trousers and a conservative blouse) for meditation
  • Sheet or Mattress or Pillow
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Dark colored clothes (no red or bright colors are allowed), and for ladies t-shirts or blouses that cover mid rift and shoulders.
  • Toiletry, Toilet-paper, Towel etc.
  • Laptop (we have free wireless internet all over the temple)
  • Camera
  • Alarm clock
  • Vaccinations, ask your doctor.


Those wishing to volunteer should apply by filling the Volunteer Application Form on our website www.tigertemple.org and submitting it via e-mail to us at: volunteer@tigertemple.org (recommended). Please include the following with your application:

  • A short letter of motivation addressing the above mentioned requirements for volunteering plus a description of related experience and/or education
  • Resume  

Applicants should be aware that submission of application form does not guarantee acceptance for volunteering. Travel arrangements should not be made until confirmation of acceptance has been received in writing from the Tiger Temple.

Tiger Temple reserves the right to make any change of above information without prior notice.  


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Volunteer Application Form
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Place of residence:
Gender: Male Female
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Relevant Experience: (Outline in detail any animal handling experience you have had)
Relevant Education: Outline in detail any education you received in the fields of animal behavior, biology, zoology, wildlife conservation, veterinary science or any relevant fields
Previous Volunteering Experience: Give details of any previous volunteering experience you may have had
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